What the heck is a "Proa" and who on earth would call themselves a "ProaVangelist" anyway?  I'll start by saying that a Proa is a simple MultiHull type of sailing craft, most likely originated by the Micronesian's over a thousand years ago.  With just hollowed out logs, fiber wrappings and basic woven sail material, these simple boats were many times faster and more capable than the finest ships of all the worlds armies at the time.   When Captain Cook first saw Proa's in "flight" he was utterly amazed at the level of performance they could achieve.  These simple and primitive peoples had some things to teach the "modern" powers of the time, but proas and their peoples have mostly been forgotten by more modern cultures and "superior" vessels of today.  That is the popular narrative today, but a few brave persons have brought this form out of the past and given it a western renewal.  The few that have been built (primarily by Russell Brown) appear to have some major untapped potential.  I feel that nowhere is this potential greater than for the live-aboard pleasure sailing yacht.  Until now, this has been an area of speculation at best.


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