About Us

My name is Chris Curtis.  I currently live in a small town in North Idaho.  I have already started my yearly winter migration to warmer climates but eventually plan to live on the water full time.  I'm not a professional boat designer or builder.  What I do for a "living" is to help specific industries with implementing simple and effective remote access and security solutions using open source technologies.   When not pursuing the many interesting applications in the IT field, I dream of sailing proas to far away places and meeting strange and different cultures.  My ultimate goal is to show that tong term sailing using more ideal craft can be done efficiently, inexpensively, and with reduced environmental impacts.

My life in a Paragraph:

Born in Memphis TN, but with no real connection to it.  Spent the first decade my my life bouncing between Ghana and Uganda in Africa and the San Francisco Bay Area.  My teens and early twenties found me living and working in the Washington D.C. area.  Meeting my Wife Carol eventually brought me to Northern Idaho and two beautiful Children (now teenagers).  My very near future will find me  pursuing experiments in Proa living in the Pacific North-West and the Eastern Seaboard down the the Caribbean.