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Other bloggers who have inspired me or are still doing so!

Take a surf over to Bob’s page at  I check his site almost daily and there is something interesting every time.  Bob can get political, but he never strays from real truth about our current events.  His boat knowledge is vast too, especially when it comes to cruising sensibly and with care.

Less frequently updated but always interesting is Bob’s  This site is dedicated to cruising inexpensively and telling it like it is to the “marine” industry and the facts that they push.   Its important to remember that the articles and pictures seen in the vast majority of sailing magazines are not directed at you, but to the very few who can afford to sail expensive and unreliable equipment.

If you want to actually read a magazine for the rest of us, surf on over to “good old boat” magazine.   Here you will find stories of real working folks, doing what they love with typical boats (generally mono-hulls) and doing so without winning the lotto.