John C. Harris, Owner and Lead Engineer at Chesapeake Light Craft can say it better than I can!

I have been a fan of John’s boats since the very first time I found the website.   With so many choices, ideas, and beautiful designs whats not to like.  Some years ago, John who was also bitten by the Proa bug decided to design one of his own and “Madness” was born.  His story of how he came to design the boat is interesting in itself and worth a read if this type of thing tickles your fancy.  Go to to read up on the how and why of Madness.  But more interesting to me is John’s video where he explains the “Why’s” of a proa.  So instead of me re-explaining what John has done so much better, why not surf over to youtube and watch John explain why proas make so much sense in today’s world.


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